Below are hosting packages we offer to cater for most business needs. If none of these benefit you, for instance you only require Unlimited Web Space, then give us a call / email us. By giving us the opportunity to design / write / update your website we will give you 1 year free worth £149.99 P/A.

  • £7.99 P/M£9.99 P/M£12.99 P/M
    £89.99 P/A£114.99 P/A£149.99 P/A
    Unlimited Web Space
    SQL Server (1Gb)
    PHP / Perl Support
    PHP / Perl (Own Versions)
    Free .uk Domain
    100 Mailboxes (POP)
    100 Mailboxes (Advance Services) - See below

100 Mailboxes (Advance Services)

This feature allows you to access / configure your emails anywhere around the world. You will have your own Control Panel where you can block any content of an email for any user, including forwarding and monitoring email. Here are some features

  • Centralised emails
  • Real time email recovery
  • Restrict specific mailbox size
  • Out of office
  • Site to site email encryption
  • Virus & Spyware protection
  • Block emails
  • Restrict emails by removing content