IT Solutions / Services

Offering a range of services to suit small, medium to large corporate businesses. Whether it's a website, full IT suite, server upgrade, new server, PC repair, printer upgrade, audit, networking issues, hosting, you can centralise your needs working with us.

  • Business IT Support

    Qualified engineers are available to keep your IT running smoothly, offering support in Server, PC, networking, Printer, Cabling, Security etc. We have designed, built and installed many IT infractures from scratch. We have electricians and furniture distributors making it easier for you dealing with one company.

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  • Website / Email Hosting

    With our advanced hosting servers you can benefit from the latest technologies, which include the latest web core and email components, bringing your business to the forefront around the world.

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  • Software / App Development

    Do you need software which isn't out there specifically for your business? Is there software out there that does more than you need it to do at a cost over your budget? We have a highly skilled development team who can build applications to your specific needs.

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